Welcome to Goupil's website

Our first album, open source, is out. You may download it from this page for free.

Goupil is an electro-pop group formed in 2003 in Yverdon, Switzerland. There are from four to five people in the group, depending on how you count: Aris (guitar), Dilo, (bass), Renaud (synthesizers) and Yves/Hugues (drums). They have done a fair number of concerts - one. They have also spent a fair number of hours - three years - tweaking to perfection their first album, open source.

Open source has been entirely composed, recorded, mixed and produced in our den in collaboration with Patrick Matthey of Aum Studio. The final outcome is now entirely, uniquely and freely at your disposal on this website.

Enough! I want to download the album right now:

Or else song 03 to see how it's like